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Seward Mariners’ Memorial Gets Closer to Completion


H.B. Bardarson

What started as a centennial project over ten years ago has nearly reached completion as the third and final phase for the Seward Mariners’ Memorial waits for further funding. The newest uplands breakwater installment at the entrance of the Seward Small Boat Harbor has become the site for the Seward Mariners’ Memorial. With the first two installments of the project completed, with a lighthouse and brick inlaid compass rose completed, the third and final step is to create a wave wall and sign, with benches and landscaping to finish off the nearly completed landmark. Although Seward originally got its start thanks to the Alaska Railroad and was founded off the shores of Resurrection Bay in 1903, it is the fishing and maritime industry that is truly responsible for sustaining our town into what it has grown into today. Although Seward has had a long relationship with the ocean just off its shores, it wasn’t until the Seward Mariners’ Memorial was proposed as a centennial project in 2003 that the ball got rolling for Seward to gain a memorial for its fallen seamen. In fact, until Seward had this project undertaken, our town was one of the few seaside Alaskan communities that did not have a mariners’ memorial. Considering Seward was the original Alaskan Gateway to the interior thanks to our year-round ice-free port, it made sense to have a memorial that gave recognition to Seward’s seafaring heritage.


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