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Seaveys Win It!


H.B. Bardarson

Do what you love. Sounds pretty straightforward, but the dedication to complete and win a 1,000-mile race goes beyond love; it’s passion. Dallas Seavey’s passion has officially won him three Iditarod titles in less than four years, officially giving Dallas one more win over his own father and veteran musher, Mitch Seavey! Three generations of this family have raced Alaska’s Last Great Race and now, after decades of hard work, a miraculous thing has happened. Conway Seavey posted on the Seavey’s Iditarod Sled Dog Tour Facebook page one day before his brother and father finished in Nome, “Dad and Dallas pulled into White Mountain in first and second today. Most of the family is here, and we’re all silently hoping for the same thing. We’re not saying anything about the thing, but we’re all thinking about the thing, and we all know that each other is thinking about the thing. The thing is something we've all thought about before, but never dared dream would actually happen. Now it looks like the thing might actually happen.” Well the thing did happen. Two Seaveys ran the Iditarod and got the top two finishes out of 66 mushers, once again making Iditarod history as the first father/son duo to finish in first and second place!


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